Dear Editor,

I am saddened to hear the news about selling alcohol at the Bahai Centre - I am a Bahai International Pioneer- I've been in the Solomons for almost 3 years now and was wondering why this publication has been publicised without using the appropriate word" please be aware that the place where the police have confiscated illegal selling of alcohol is not at the "BAHAI CENTRE"- its outside- We Baha'is are strictly forbidden to drink nor sell alcohol- i highly recommend for you to use appropriate words when publicising please. Although it is known by the local people that sorrounding the Bahai area is called the "BAHAI CENTRE" but please be specific when mentioning the word Bahai Centre.

The Bahai Centre is a place where the Baha'is pray and meditate and for administrative meetings and purposes- inside the Bahai Centre - there is no ALCOHOL, SMOKING nor CHEWING BETEL NUT.

The BAHAI WORD has a very significant meaning and its sacred.

I hope this will clarifiy my thoughts- Would you please serve as a guiding lamp to all the readers - the WORLD have read this article- its on the web even.

Respectfully yours,

Member, National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the Solomon Islands