I want to thank Ms Yoko Kobayashi, and those that are responsible to make Japanese training possible in Solomons.

When we were in the solomon Islands, we didn't really see the importance of knowing other languages apart from English.

Well, Solomon Islands has been exposed to Asian countries or the latin American countries that many of our students now undetaking their carriers and maybe for market outlets and its a shame when we don't even have basic japanese, chinese or spanish before reaching these places.

Look, maybe language has been a barrier to some investors and our markets, especially for tourism and trading purposes. For survival means, when going to these places a basic knowledge is required.

As we strife in one way or the other to make Solomons, a happy Isles once more.
Looking forward to read some language training apart from Japanese coming up in the Solomons to get rid of these little hinderance on our off-shores.