Dear Editor,

I take my hat off to those who did not respond to the above article. An eye raising article at first sight. It took me by suprise, to see the most systematic, conventional and logical law making institution and their inability to detect faults. I spend all day today trying to access any news online about the issue and failed, including this site. One must not run to believe everything that come out as news. This led me to question the motive behind raising the topic in public. I strongly believe majority of foreigners working in the Solomons are experts and competent. What surprises me is how the writer choose to use public media to manifest a sensitive topic (and call it news). Long gone are the days that Solomon Islanders are led by emotions, sovereignty and the constitution. There are avenues to deal with such case, why media? I'd rather deal with the rice price and you can call me as putting my mouth where my money is.