Dear Editor,

I read from the Solomon Times dated 08/08 about the Opposition saying that the Government is doing nothing about the soaring fuel and food prices. I would agree with the opposition concerning food, because I think that at least the Government could assist and try to susidise basic food items to make it easier for our nation.

When it comes to the price of fuel, I dont think the Government has the capability nor the money to control that. I think we should not forget that its not just our country that is suffering from soaring fuel prices, it is every single country/ies who gets fuel from oil producing countries like the middle east, South America, Indonesia to name a few.

My solution would be, use fuel if you really need to but resort to cheaper ways of travelling to save fuel. For food the long term solution would be for the government to start helping local people to grow rice as it is now our staple diet with kumara, tapioca, taro and Kakake/kakama. I know people are ready to work but dont know how and where to start. We have the land lets grow our own food so that we do not depend entirely on imported food.