Editor, this is very brief viewpoint.

I am appaled by the consecutive loss of young, healthy,and valuable lives recently outside of our country.

My concern here are: What are the deaths from and why do they occur outside in countries we expected advanced patient care? What support is there for our travelling sports participants or scholars? How efficient and effective are the Medical Clearance conducted by the doctors in our country? What if the selection of sports participants and scholars are influenced by common nepotism and commercialization of health delivery? Should the sending body be more attentive of our health as we left Henderson runway for overseas, by looking at Insurance covers?Expensive; but sure, reaping what we sow speaks for itself in this situation.

People we crave to uplift this country simply reduced to mortality is a sad story indeed. We need to ponder over these questions and reflect on the processes travelled for one to leave our shores to these foreign lands.

I share grief with the relatives of the departed ambassadors of our nation.