While the current political crisis reflects the very nature and extent of the adopted system, it also depicts, as one commentator here has said, 'immature' conduct on the part of certain 'rubber' politicians probably, or most certainly, with the hope of gaining something out of nothing.

The recent mass resignation of government ministers(and backbenchers) was welcomed by most citizens as far as Sogavare's style of leadership is concerned.

However, recent revelation of the former Finance Minister's alleged involvement in the misuse of public funds invites further speculation.

If it is true that Lilo had in fact conducted himself as alleged, it does not speak well of someone who intends to run the government of the day.

If Lilo is quilty of (among others) depriving his own constituency of the much needed funds for the rehabilitation of the very people who elected him, how much more could he have done to the rest of the nation?

One might say that that is only one person concerned. But that is all it takes. It is not so much of the person concerned, but the very characteristic and conduct of persons elected in whom national responsibilities are vested.

If one cannot seem to keep their backyard clean, why tell others to clean their's?

It is open to question the 'real' reason why the mass deflection. Is it because of Sogavare's style of leadership, or does Sogavare's style of leadership presents a venue by which politicians saw as an opportunity to acquire power and then not only misuse that power but abuse it further?

Whichever way the scale is tilted, the story always comes out the same.

Nonetheless, the current situation can only be best resolved by the parliamentarians themselves...so they say. I say, stop the hussing and fighting. We've got work to do.