Dear editor,

Please allow me to put few comments on the issue of slow allowance and its effect to study. I've been following the views put by various wantoks and I also want to contribute. This slow allowance is something that continues to face our students over the years? When will it be addressed? If it cannot be addressed, then there must be a problem within the responsible ministry, apart from not enough funds. If we continue to ignore this issue and put it behind us as usual, those who cause the problem will continue to do it.

I appreciate what George Hoa'au had stated but I think we must go further to ensure this stops. It is true, that we must appreciate the government for fulfilling the dreams of the unfortunate, but how about the taxpayers who are very concern on the usage of their money? Does certain people only benefit from the money, despite not being eligible? What I mean is the budget is there for the students, but a new list may come under the table, causing disrupt on the budget. If it is not, then why it is slow, when the budget is already set? I also believe that performance is really affected by the allowance. Passing does not mean all are performing well. Between C and A+ are also pass marks, but some students will not be happy if they have low marks. The students will come back to Solomon Islands, and grades will also determine their employment opportunity, even though they are all graduate. Therefore, the system needs to be well considered.