Of the many subjects of political issues in our country, the mere unforeseen notion of a nation's sovereignty is an important subject to consider. Importantly, the impetus interest has been on national sovereignty. The current government is purely the people's government on the basis that the citizens choose the leaders and the leaders through majority rule came to be the legitimate government of Solomon Islands. Constitutionally, the rule of the land recognize this legitimate government, so to write critic like 'No longer the people's government' is misleading in terms of common sense analysis. In a critical approach, what does it mean when foreigners replaced native Solomon Islanders in key posts of our institutions in our country? Simple! The citizens are marginalized when foreign force influence the top posts in the country, the resultant outcomes will normally be based with their own intentions be accomplished. Think about the issue that lately surrounds the appointment of the Police Commissioner??? Can you figure this out? For sure, majority of the citizens know nothing about what is actually going on in the country. Taking the rural dwellers, what did they know? Nothing!!! They are just preparing to wait and see what will happen. For RAMSI, their two main objective was to restore law and order and to build the nation, which some are achieved at its fullest while nation building is a blur scene!!! Therefore, what would be the place of state in our society if top jobs in ministries will be done by foreigners? Are Solomon Islanders incapable of doing these simple things? Of course no. Therefore, it is a loss of our rights which are then taken from us- so goes away our sovereignty because we are control by foreign powers. When decision making, political order is done by other powers; it is sign of loosing a nation's sovereignty. Currently, our perceptions are about Good leadership and leaders with sound accountable characters. On the other hand, we heard that corrupted leaders sacked from the current government have teamed up with the opposition to put a new government. What is the explanation of these? These same corrupted leaders have no heart for the citizens and future endeavors of the country. With these same leaders in a political leadership, there is a chance of corruptions in the collective infrastructure of political leadership. Lest we forget, that re colonization could be the next scene if ongoing corruption is popular among our leaders. However, congratulation to the SOGA government in your ongoing fight to achieve a state and country, where full citizen participation and local involment in leadership affairs is important. The strive to achieve full sovereignty seems clear without foreign power being present in our institutional mechanisms and being remote controlled.