In response to Mr. Tonton, if you are so interested in finding the answers to those questions of yours, why don't you go and ask the NTU for the information, as they are the right people to ask since they have the records there in black and white. So feel free to email them and get the information you need. I would really want to do it, but I don't have enough time to spare as we are now in the second week of lectures.

In case you haven't noticed, the figures I was using in my response to Mr. Asa was taken from his assumptions on the number of SIG students here at USP. They (the figures) are not my own findings.

Furthermore, my views and my opinions are my own and I have not for once, forced you or anyone else to agree with me. If you have your own views on the issue, then I respect that. As for me, I will always believe what I believe in and I'm not inviting you to join me. So you are free to have your own opinion on the issue.

Finally, if you are so smart in asking me those questions, why aren't you brave enough to use your real identity? I would rather discuss important issues with people with real identities than with someone hiding himself behind some mask. So next time, please feel free to use your real identity as we are living in a democratic world in which there is "freedom of speech" and no one's going to penalize you for giving your opinions.