A what? Survey to be conducted by the Ministry of Education, SIG? Good joke! Allowance but iumi no receivim yet, then bae SIG spendim samfala seleni nomoa lo survey for findim out how and why na iumi no do good, do bad and do wrong. No way.

This on going raoa in here ia does not warrant a survey to be conducted by the SIG into the students poor acedemic performances, let alone spend some more of our taxpayers money. I think NTU has some policies in place and as some one confirmed in here, 20+ scholarships were terminated after the first semester last year.

It would be an interesting research project though for any interested BA or BEd students; but rather, would certainly be an extra burden on a financially crippled SIG. I think, the best people to be in a good position to know about our poor performances even without a survey are our lecturers.

With due respect to the idea, there are offices and personals provided by USP like the Counceling Office to help us with problems affecting our acedemic performances. They know what would affect our poor acedemic performances, how to talk to us about them and what advise to give us to improve.