Ministers' Resignation: A sign of political maturity

As a nation we are accustomed to see members of parliament jostling for an opportunity to be appointed ministers of the crown. This objective means that members of parliament will gladly accept appointments even though they disagree with the prime minister or the government's policies, if it has one.

Early last week we woke up to see something quite different and unique: ministers ready to put their obligations to their people and nation over and above their personal interests and their willingness to forgo their ministerial privileges. This is truly a sign of political maturity never seen in this country. These ministers surely need to be commented and acknowledged for their bravery, determination and political maturity.

The recent huge ministerial resignation brings comfort to the many people of this nation-rural dwellers, women, urban residents, students and scholars, and public servants- who have been badly concerned about the way their beautiful nation has been governed. It also goes to show that members of parliament do listen and know that they cannot ignore the people that put them in as members of parliament in the first place.

These ministers (and backbenchers) know that they have the support of their people, voters and the nation, when they decided to dump a prime minister who increasingly becomes so stubborn, egotistical, dictatorial and paranoid. These ministers know that their leader has huge problems when he sees critics as enemies to be eliminated at any cost, including threats of legal suits.

They also know that there is something terribly wrong with their leader who protects an international fugitive who is running away from the laws of his own country. Moreover, they know that there are a lot of things wrong with their leader and that the only way to let their leader know their disagreement is to walk out from his grip.

The ministers' actions confirm that all was not well in the government's camp. It also confirms many people's suspicion that government decisions were not taken by the cabinet but a few people within the government, including non-ministers and so-called political appointees. These people (non-ministers) are not answerable to the people of this nation. The ministers' resignation clearly shows that they know that this is not the way to govern a nation.

In short, it is not an easy decision to dump one's leader but it is a necessary move if we want to salvage some national pride, move forward and prepare ourselves for the huge task of post-conflict recovery as well as undone past unilateral mistakes taken by their former leader. It is a bold move and one the people of this nation is grateful for and sincerely appreciative of.