Students Performance and Sponsor

In response, first of all I must thank Pamela for responding to what I have put across and I'm sorry for what I had said or interpret in my response that does not at all inline with your views which you expressed in your letter.

To begin, Pamela misinterprets the 20+ students or so which I referred to in my letter. I used that as a clear example for you to see for yourself the timing of allowance last year and this year which you are defending. Once again and for the last time, allowance this year is much earlier than last year. How many students were terminated in the first semester this year? From my understanding, none. Thus, it clearly shows what I try to put across but misinterpret.

For your good information and clarification of my usage of that 20+ students, it was only a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a statement that asserts a relationship between concepts which in our case allowance delay and poor academic performance. And a concepts is an idea that stands for something or general categorization of an impression of something. Anyone in his or her right mind can easily grasp what I tried to put across. No one can deny the fact that there are other factors that contribute to poor performance. Its only common sense.

The key feature of a hypothesis is that it asserts the two concepts are related in a specific ways. And so, the delay of allowance and poor academic performance. Concept X (allowance delay) is related to concept Y (poor performance). Nothing much, nothing more, full stop.

For the 600 or 780 students, which you have highlighted, for your information, I did not base my argument on that number. Equally, I did not focus on the bright sides as far as we Solomon Islands students are concern. What matters to me was the 20+ students or so whom were terminated first semester last year. The 600 or 780 are what you based your argument on.

Regarding the number you have put across, no one can deny the fact that they had passed all their courses. Generally speaking, they had passed it but not the way they expect it would be. Because why? The first assignments and the first labs, tests and so on, which they did badly or did not do it at all affects them one way or the other with their final grades.

For this line of sentence I quote, "Try confirming this with any of the MA lecturers at USP." Regarding this statement, I have no business to contact and consult the MA lecturers at USP for Pamela. Its your own business as far as you are concern with your thesis or whatsoever. As far as I'm concern, I can consult only my BA lectures and tutors who are so helpful to me. Even those who are taking EC 103 (Research Process) can understand what you are talking about here.

Pamela emphasize that I quote, "By spending more time on studies than on socialising would really make a difference on our overall performance." In this case, regarding those who are used to be socialized, for sure, some of them are most outstanding students as I could say. I know some of them. As a matter of fact, their performance are better than those who did not socialize.

Finally, I have no problem with my learning and understanding for me to go and see the people at the CELT. If you have any problem regarding such issue, I prefer its better for you to be there before its too late.