All the ideas presented on the topic "students' allowance and performance" hold water. All the ideas have in one way or another have an impact on student performance. This is because issues such as these does not have a single answer. The fact is that we are dealing with human beings; hence, any human-related problems or difficulities have multiple causes and conseqences. Therefore, I personally conclude that all the arguments presented "hold-water". All of them are valid.

Apart from that, I would like to comment on those working at the Finance Section back at Honiara. I think, we need to question the way those working at that concerned Ministry (Finance) handled the situation particularly in relation to payments. I do not have any in-depth understanding on the way they handled payments. Nevertheless, I understand that they are also players in the "students-allowance-performance" saga.

Anyone who have some knowlege about them should contribute to this discussion.

I think I have said much for the day.