A proper time to debate the issue as students are expecting their allowance.

I wish to briefly reply to what Pamela Naesol stated.

SIG like any responsible sponsors is obligated to ensure that students welfare are properly looked after. This is very significant to their academic performance . Whether one or 20+ students are complaining about their poor performance as a result of delay in allowance is a reason good enough for concern. Saying that 20+ student who failed due to delay in allowances is too small a number to establish that a correlation exist between delay of allowances and poor performance by the students shows naivety on your part. We are dealing with humans and what else do you want as a proof. If students would claim that delay in allowances has affected their performance, do we need to run some statistical tests to determine the reliabilty of their claim?

Even if the 600 to 800 students are doing well as you claimed, I believe they have done so at a price. So if you have been barely passing, just imagine how well you can do if what it takes to get you doing well is taken care of well before semester starts.

All the best to you all SIG sponsores students.