Dear editor, it is interesting to see the view of Naelson, in how she defends the performances of students and delay of allowance. What she must bare in mind is that individuals are unlike each other. There are students who are new to the campus, where they are shy to ask assistance and even the dressing, as stated by Angisitoro. This is a new environment to the new ones, and they need financial assistance to help in their adaptation. Shyness in my personal view is a disadvantage to learning, and it is something people grow up with. A first year shy person in the university cannot just easily overcome being shy. It takes time. Maybe those who have fare understanding on psychology can understand how different behaviors can affect individuals. So when putting an argument, don't be selfish. Consider as well others behavioral characters in how their learning is being affected by additional issues. We cannot put away shyness or blame such people for not trying their best. Though such person may learn not to shy and become confident with what he or she is doing, then when different task arise, he or she will be shy again and learn to overcome it because it is a behavior. Lastly, how can we survive or do our study properly when there is no money to assist us. This issue of allowance must have to be address for the good of the future students, if we are not so fortunate.