In response to Danny Asa, you seemed so hurt by my views on the matter. If you had carefully read my letter, I wasn't personally attacking you or any other student on that matter, the way you are attacking me. Furthermore, you need not be asking me to clarify some of my views for your understanding. Its all straight forward.

Anyway, regarding the factors causing low performance of students which are beyond the control of NTU. It is true that the delay of the payment of our allowance can be really frustrating and discouraging and can affect our studies to some extent. I have been there myself to know what its like.
However, it is not the sole determinant of our overall performance. Generally speaking, there are other factors which also contribute to determining our performance. For instance, how we manage our time with our studies. By spending more time on studies than on socialising would really make a difference on our overall performance.

Second, I was here last year Mr. Asa and had been through the hardships we faced when the allowance was paid in week 6 or 7. You used the low performance of 20+ students for justifying that there is a direct relationship between the timing of payment of the allowance and student performance. My question is, 20+ students out of what?...700..800 students? What about the performance of the other 680 or 780? Don't you think that this ratio is not sufficient enough to establish a "correlation" between the two variables?
Did you know that in order for a "correlation" to exist between two variables, there must be sufficient proof to show that it exists? Like, at every point in time there will be a direct proportionate increase or decrease of one variable in relation to changes in the other. The ratio of 20+ to 680 is NOT sufficient at all to establish a "correlation" as it is too low. Try confirming this with any of the MA lecturers at USP.

On your fourth point, I would say, please use your analytical reading skills to try to understand my point in mentioning the quality of course materials and lecturers. If you get my point, then good on you, otherwise, please feel free to go to the Celt people for assistance.

As on your last point, it is sad to say that you had that kind of veiw on your award. Let me remind you that, you do not have the right to obtain a SIG award, you were only given an opportunity in getting one. So make full use of the opportunity while it lasts cos the thing in stake here is our "taxpayers' money".