Mr. J.Sowana.

How's your studies getting on now my friend? I hope you are now austerely down to business instead of making petty excuses for low performances. Why rely on very limited money for internet use when you spend a hell lot of time posting articles on this site? Or is this constitutes a major part of your research assignment? If I were you I would have used my money instead to look for useful internet sources that could help me pass my course work and examinations. Why rely on printing lecture notes when you have your pen and piece of paper with you in the lecture theatre to take notes? If you can't do that, something must be terribly wrong with you either day- dreaming or not attending lectures at all.

For lecturers personalities, I don't believe that to be an issue at all. They are paid to do their work and that is to feed you with information and get you to achieve your goals. Failure to do this tantamounts to breaching of work ethics and you have all the right under the sun to raise your complaints with the International Support Service or Student Union. If you don't have these services at USP...mi surprise tumas nao.

In addition to these services, academic institutions normally have Academic Advisers whose work is to discuss with you your assignment topics or any academic-related difficulties at all....again mi surprise if USP no garem. And finally with your laboratory uniform, it should be the responsibility of USP to provide those for students. You already pay for school fees and given allowances which should cover every course-related expenses and you should have been made aware of the requirements for going into the laboratory at the very beginning of the semester. With the very limited resources you have, you should spend it wisely...first things first!!!!Ignorance is no excuse my friend!! That doesn't reflect well on you as a future leader, in whatever capacity, of Solomon Islands.