In response to S. Jacks and Moses Angisitoro, I am not implying that I am not affected by the delay of the allowance. I am also in the same boat as you. However, it is not a new experience for us. We have been experiencing this same problem for some semesters now and it is only a waste of time complaining in the media about our problems as it will not solve any of it. The problem will always be there.
What we should be doing is to find other ways in which we could help ourselves in improving our performance despite the hardships we are facing. That would be more rewarding than having an easy ride to achieve our goals.
Let me tell you that life is not that easy. You have to face hardships in order for you to thrive. It is how you make the most of it during hard times that determine your success. It is all about sacrificing. So if you think that I am not going throught the same hardships as you are, then think again or you might as well just come and see my bank statement.

Regarding the different learning abilities of students, while I appreciate that its true, I also believe that every resource to help "slow" students improve their performance is being provided here at USP - from lectures, course materials, tutors, to student counselling (for students having problems with their performance), you name it. So that should not be used as an excuse. It is how we utilise our time to make use of the available resources that is very important as that is what determines our performance.

It is true that science students can be affected by the delay of course materials, however, don't think that as art students, we have more free time than you. Every field of study have its own challenges and workloads and students enrolled in art programs will also be struggling to catch up with their readings and assignments when they will afford to buy textbooks. Science is not the only challenging program at tertiary level. There are also fields in arts that can be challenging.

And as for "shyness", that is the shallowest excuse that I've ever heard. At tertiary level, you cannot afford to be shy, it will cost you alot. If you are very shy, then start learning the skills of how to express yourself before coming here as life will be very hard for you.

Lastly, why don't we all forget about this allowance, and concentrate on finding ways to survive the hardships that we are all facing. Let us concentrate more on our studies than on the money.