You (LIVINGSTON MAE)have stated that the materials are here at Laucala. Can you give evidence?

Of course materials are here. But do you all these materials are free for use?One example is Lab Uniforms. Without that you can't attend the lab sessions. Another is the internet. After using the free $16 you have to pay your own credit to use it. Lecture Notes, you have to print them with your own money. With these problems do you think students can adapt to the learning environment here?

Concerning the flexibility of the University. Of course, you might be true, however, do you think all the lecturers have the same personality towards the students. Never! Never!. Last semester I went do to my labs with my ordinary clothes but I was sent out because I did not have shoes and Lab clothes. For four weeks I did not attend and as a result I lost 10%. Where do you think the final grading comes from? It does not solely comes from the final exam but your marks started at Day 1 of schooling.Or how LIVINGSTON MAE?. Is that the flexibility your are talking about?

Give your evidence when coming to the the Media. Talking like parrot is not good. You Talk and try to understand what the situation is.

For me, as one of the ones who becomes vitim of such problem