The current political crisis is described by many as an "impasse" or something that has no "exit" or "end". I do not agree with that.
A political crisis is not an impasse; it is a crisis that can be solved through parliamentary or legal means. The call by some contributors, here, to support the government is not a call by the majority of Solomon Islands.
SIG is no longer a "government for the people" but a ruling entity whose main objective i.e. the protection of a few bad guys. They do so on the cover of two things;
1. Sovereignty of Solomon Islands.
Since when did SI lose its sovereignty to foreign government by "force?" Lest we forget that RAMSI was a force invited by Solomon Islands after being endorsed by the UN and PIF. A major indicator of sovereignty well intact is the power to govern; the power to make laws and the power to enforce them. If our Sovereignty was taken away from us by Australia as Soga and Oti wanted you to believe, SI would have been invaded after the Australian High Commissioner was expelled from Solomon Islands last year!
2. National interest. Sogavare's address to the nation was a boldface lie! Sogavare's government is, perhaps, the only government in our political history that is completely "detached" from its people. Spending $10 million for the salaries of government appointees; appointing Moti-a man of controversial character; spending money not being budgeted to lure MPs to the government, and the list goes on! National interest?? give me a break!!
This defection is a sign that, not only does the ordinary people of SI wanted change, but politicians as well. I applaud those MP who left behind comfortable lifestyle and joint the Opposition with a hope of restoring confidence in the SIG.
PM must step down immediately!