Please allow me space to comment on the subject above in response to Pamela's view.

Pamela's view is true but it is just a tiny part of the problems faced by students which leads to low performance.

Actually, she said that because of her own personal background like maybe her family background is well-of thus without the allowance she still can survive to buy for her foods and school materials.

For those of us whom our parent are not working and we depend entirely on our allowances, we can make excuses because we have no way to collect money from. Therefore it really affects our schooling, our health and for most our social behaviour.

Pamela should not blame the students for low performance because each individual are different in their learning process. Some tend to understand things quickly while others take more time to learn things.

She should also understand that all of the student here at Laucala are not doing the same program. Some science while other Arts and so forth. And for science students they did labs every week and this is where they get their marks from. Maybe Pamela talk like that because she is an Arts student so at any time she can do her catch-up her readings.

Generally, I should say that the students should not be blamed for the low performance. The sponsor should be blame because that is where the root cause begins.When the allowance is late, students were stress because of work loads and then they end up in doing things which they suppose not to do.

Finally, I would like to thank our Sponsor (SIG) for providing allowances for us but your help comes in at the wrong time. Time is very important as we are races against time to complete out assignments.