While I empathize with S. James and our SI USP students in Fiji for the delaying of allowances by SIG, I totally disagree with poor communication links between NTU and students being one of the reasons for students' low performances. You must be joking if you rely on NTU for guidance and expect to be spoon-fed at Tertiary level. Your lecturers and tutors are there in addition to your course materials. The instructions and every tool you need to pass your course are in there. Time management is important at Tertiary level James but if you don't use it wisely, that will surely reflect in your performance which could eventually end up in termination. At least USP is very flexible compared to other institutions in the region. Mark around when you're in any University in Australia or NZ and you'll find yourself packing up and heading home.

Do away with social life in Suva for now and you'll reap the benefits.