The doctor we are referring to has practised for a number of years in our country after medical school and after returning from specialist trainning. With regards to whether or not he is qualified as a Eye doctor or not I will leave that to the medical authorities to confirm. What I can confirm, however, is this: Fiji like Solomon Islands has an association (Fiji Medical Association(FMA)) that looks after the affairs of its doctors and scrutinises those who purport to be doctors who wish to practice in Fiji. Only if they are satisfied that the applicant is qualified and has no bad practising record elsewhere will that person be granted the right to practice in the country. I guess they must be satisfied that is why this doctor is practising in Fiji. If you wish to query the FMA about this good doctor's status then you can contact them at the email address (from internet): I'm sure they will only be too willing to assist you.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that we should hear both sides of our story before making any accusation. This way we will get a balanced view. The Head of Contingent's report should bring forth both sides of the story.