While it is her peronal rights to express her view regarding students performance at USP, not directly correlate to the delay in their Aloowances, Ms.Pamela failed to consider the following facts:

Fisrtly, there are different courses offered at the University of the South Pacific by different Schools. As such there are different requirements for different courses. Some courses require students to read more and others require students to do more practical exercises. So to say, if students allowances are delayed, for that matter, the students concerned will be affected. Example, there are no Shoes, books and pen or other requirements for science students and other students Text books especially.
Secondly, students attending USP, Laucala Campus are not of the same background. Some students have working parents who support then during those times. So their children could concentrate while waiting for their allowances.
Thirdly, students ability are not that same. Some students are easily affected by those kinds of unnecessary delays. Take for example, some students have the shy attitude. So if they do not have enough clothes to wear or just 1 pair of trousers to wear for a week, they might not able to attend classes. Hem no home ia mekem umi wea olbaut go nomao then go lo bush na. These kinds of student who fall under this category are student from rural areas whose parents do not have enough money to meet their necessary requirement prior to living Honiara to Suva.
Pamela needs to re-look at her generalization and assumption prior to blaming the students.

She must also understand that some of the very smart students at USP go beyond their own boundaries and seek help from other students who are funded by other Organizations. An attitude hardly seen with the shy guys who become victims of those delays.

Lastly, I think we should always appreciate the Government. But make sure that those delays are not encouraged as we are suffering in the foreign Land.