Dear editor, I read Naelson's letter, and it is good to put her judgment on student performance and sponsor. Well, in my personal experience, I am frustrated of the delay of the allowance, because it affected my result as well. Last semester it is almost four weeks of schooling before I receive my allowance. I am an average student, and it affects me very much. So I see it as unfair, in compare with the genius Naesol had referred to. We are all struggle to pass our courses but personal learning rate of each one seems to affect studies differently when additional problem arises. So someone like me will be affected very much. The genius may easily cope with whatever situation they encounter and can be easily overcome it, whereas the average and struggling students takes time to solve whatever issue arises that interrupt their studies. Thus, the average students, who wants to perform just like the genius who go for A grades are victimize because of their slow learning rate being interrupted. So, who will be blame for the poor performance in some of the students' grades? Everyone put the same effort of solving the interrupting issues but some are slow whereas others are fast due to different rate of learning. Therefore I think the low performers cannot be compared to the genius to justify that slow allowance does not affect studies.