It is interesting to put the view of sponsor and students performance. In my view, individuals are not similar on how different issues are affecting them. But I believe allowance can have a huge impact to studies. Studying in university is a really tough task which need concentration, and additional issues arise may in many ways interrupt study concentration. Allowance is everything to study in university. Students, despite of school work, they will be very concern about what will they eat, who will give the study materials, who will offer free funds to make the assignment research, who will offer free shelter, and who will offer free transport. All these things go back to allowance, and it should be reasonable to affect studies. Fiji is a foreign land, and life is unlike Solomon Islands. People are struggling to survive in every means. Being more developed than Solomon Islands is not meaning everything is easy. Life is more complicated and people who ever visit a develop and populated society can understand it.
Moreover, last semester performance does not mean that allowance is not affecting the studies. Only few are performing well, but the rest do not expect the kind of result they receive.
To conclude, being under sponsor by the government does not mean students will have to stay silent when they see their sponsor is not meeting their expectation. Every government sponsors their students, and individual citizens are all struggle to get the sponsorship, and I believe that all sponsors are to ensure they must perform to certain standard as well. It is the responsibility of the government to finance and train its workforce, which they should not used such language as " you should just patient because we give you the scholarship". The funds allocated for the scholarship are taxes and assistance from donor countries, which everyone can have a say of how it is used.