Honiara doesn't need to have world class buildings for it to be attractive.
Geographically, its setting is already an attraction and one just need to go up to areas like
Mt Austin to appreciate what I'm saying.
Believe it or not but the view is
awesome at such heights especially in the evenings.We
needn't look to technology to make that impression for us.The flowers along the streets are but an attraction ion themselves.We have historical sites where tourists can be attracted to and we need to appreciate those.
With all these why do people always refer to our city as the most dirtiest in the region?The answer is very clear.It is so because we ourselves want to make it dirty.Our habits of carelessness spoils us we like to believe that Honiara is not our home and we don't care whether rubbish is left anywhere."Well some one will come and collect this so why worry!"
Ask any Solomon Islanders
about what their views are concerning the rubbish in their capital city and you'll get this same old phrase"throw the rubbish at the right place fellows!"
I just wonder if we do act out what we say each day.
If everyone who reads this note decide to be always causciuos about where they throw their rubbish,Honiara would be a different place.
Take a plastic with you every where you go, put your rubbishes in side and damp them at the nearest bin you can find.
We need to be practical if our goal is too make Honiara a clean place and not just talk form our offices
but act differently outside.