The current situation in the country brings the phenomenon of leadership into conceptual focus? Did this leadership occur in a complex process by which Mr Sogavare influences others to accomplish a mission, task, or objective and directs the endeavors of our Nation in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent? Of course yes! The grand Coalition Government has really put a lot of effort to achieve the Nations goal. They did carry out their task through the bottom up approach. They are also trying their best to maintain the sovereignty of our Nation. The boycotting of the forum has its own justification! What matters is the interest of the citizens not being a puppet of the higher foreign power.

The basis of good leadership is honorable character and selfless service to your to the people whom you represent. Importantly, law and order has been restored, but what does this assistance mission did to the development of the country? I assume Taiwan did.

For the current Government, their Leadership has a transformational element. They pose leadership characters that will take a new direction in the political, social and economic environment of the country. Outside pressures that sadly handicapped the changes that Solomon Islands should have experience after the Independence.

The opposition should support the government with its bottom up approach, while at the same time be supportive in maintaining the sovereignty of our country. Likewise we, the citizens of the country hope and pray for protection from above, thus avoiding misleading leadership. We are the people, we are the government and we will be the victims when such leaders gain power.