As a student of the university of the south pacific studying in Laucala campus, I see some very important issues regarding the above subject, which I want to put some comment. The Solomon Islands government sponsored students studying in Fiji are experiencing an unfair treatment. This is mainly because of allowance delay and ineffective communication link with the government responsible ministry. Right now, all the students already paying text books, and settle with their studies, whereas Solomon Islands students sponsored by the government are stress of lack of money to pay their study materials and even accommodation. Previous arrangement of government reimbursing USP money once used to assist its sponsored students is more effective to students, because they can settle with their studies in time. Another outcome of poor performance of the students is communication link between students and the National Training Unit (NTU), which is not effective. Students have different rates of learning, and even their study programmes are not similar, in terms of how tough or easy it is, which can be seen in some students scored good grades in a particular programme compared to other students at other programmes of study. So sponsor must discuss with the students on how to help them succeed with their studies in a good communication links, rather than waiting to just terminate their scholarship. For this reasons, I believe a fast and efficient system must be in place before NTU must have a valid reason of terminating the students, or else money will be only wasted.