It is not a surprise that we see an Eye Doctor, if the story is true, was choosen to go as a Team doctor to the Games in American Samoa. That is, sadly, reflects the qualifty of Health management in our country. The onus is on the Health Authority of the country to provide appropriate health care for the Citizens of the country.

It is a very common practice in the Ministry of Health that a Boss will make an individual decision under the name of 'the committee' or the Ministry of Health. This happens regulary in the posting of Health Staff, nominations for Health scholarships, etc. Poor management will result in poor Health services for the Citizens.

The recent event in American Samoa needs an investigation. Malaria illness is not sudden like Heart Attack. Malaria illness usually takes a day or two due to the immunity that is in the general population as a result of the endamic nature of malaria. Therefore, the symtoms of Malaria could have been for few days. Good health service should be able to pick malaria symtoms early and prevent disaster.