Mr Editor, Like any other organizations, Civil Aviation Authority, as a Regulator, should ensure that its operators are adequately provided with safety information regardless of what type of service it provides. Take for this instance, this flight was originated from Aussy, approx a duration of 3 hrs in flight and just because of bad weather this flight was initially given an option to divert to other Intl airports, however, attempted landing but later veered off the runway. This flight was robbed of its safety by CAD. Secondly, weather in the south pacific region is always associated with heavy rain and thunder in which its duration only last for a very short time thus every aeroplane are to have extra fuel particularly for holding during bad weather as required by CAA. I partly blamed the CAD for not executing the primary objective of Flight information service and i.e to provide advice and information for the safe and efficient conduct of a flight and to notify rescue services / aerodrome emergency services (refer Henderson Aerodrome Emergency plan) to assist in times of an incident/accident. From the above objectives, we are sure short that a lot of initiatives and coordination are to be exercised by the Air Traffic service officers in assessing the degree of hazard that may occur. Finally, why the location of water (size of pool) on the runway was not known to the captain of E170. A good service provider will always ensure that nothing gets leaked than dodging from been summoned.