Dear Editor,

For the last few days I read in the papers that there was a doctor accompanying the contingent who always puts his name out in the paper that he does this and that for the solomon contigent to American Samoa. Why did I not see his name now when one of the members died this morning?

I have so many questions about this doctor's selection to accompany the solomon contigent: Firstly, he has not been working in the Solomons for the last 7-8 years after running away from the ethnic crisis. Secondly, he is not a Medical Physician. He is an eye doctor who lost the touch of Internal Medicine for the last 10 years. Thirdly, there are doctors who are available at National Refrral Hospital who are well versed with treating Medical cases that should have accompanied the solomon contigent.

Finally, why didn't this doctor do a proper medical check for the whole Solomon contigent especially Malaria slides before leaving the country. Is it because he has been picked from outside the country to accompany the contigent thats why he did not examine the contigent well? I have so much questions to ask so I better leave it to the responsible people to answer.