Iam whole heartedly convinced with that little illustration of "Where is my pen, sir?" by Chris Rarumae. For the past thirty or so years this story happened but it was ignorance maybe, has taken its course to turn our deaf ears of the soft voices of many "small boys" (the innocent rural people and voiceless citizens) who made up the majority of the Solomon Islands population in the past 30 years. Sad to say, many are still waiting for the promises and even things given in their names as the citizens of this God-given nation.

Like that little boy, many silent citizens did not, even today don't expect so much from our leaders, they don't wish all of us will be millionaires one day from big fishing projects, piggery projects, canneries and so as promised by our leaders. They want at-least something to start up with to make their ends meet. They need educated leaders to at least find accessibility to markets to sell their local produces like kumara, yams, tapioka, fish, and cocoa. Most are looking forward to reliable sea and land transports to reach nearby markets in urban areas and Honiara to be a reality.

Sadly, this pen maybe still to be manufactured because this small boy is still waiting at the corner expecting someone new to bring it to him. East Honiara and Lau and Mbaelelea Constituencies are ready for another time of promises by the so called "political candidates". But how long this small boy has to wait?