Sinking of coral atoll islands can only be stopped by understanding supply of residue from coral growth is now failing due to nutrient pollution feeding invasive micro algae that is smothering and killing coral growth.

Dead coral is becoming covered with even more algae, macro algae, proliferating due to nutrient pollution.

Sinking of islands and coral reef has been noticed in Solomon Islands following earthquake. Atolls can obviously also sink due to earthquake.

Rising sea level is not visible in Australia or worldwide. The ocean can not just rise above normal tide level in just one area of the world. The whole ocean has to rise and that is not happening, at least anymore than about 1 millimetre per year as recorded.

Understanding causes of coral devastation can lead to solutions such as urgently required development of sanitation and proper treatment of sewage to reduce nutrient pollution.

Unchecked nutrient pollution is also devastating seagrass and ocean food web and fish supplies while causing massive social and economic impact on river, coast and island economies and communities.