The effect of global warming is felt everywhere and it is sadden to learn that the beautiful Lake Tegano is of threat to this issue.

Moreover, one in his right mind might have think that global warming is the main cause of sea level rise but an alternate to this problem lies in the rim of tectonic activities that is very effective in our part of the world. Plates have been moving, and at any time colliding with another may lead to convergence and hence the sinking of islands because islands as a matter of fact are extensions of the oceanic lithosphere.

This can be a reason as to why we say that sea level rises. We should know and understand that the natural processes such as precipitation and evapotranspiration is remarkably enough to maintain the balance of water level in our planet earth. Thus, there might be no point in saying that sea level is rising. Sea level does not rise but the oceanic lithosphere is sinking due to dynamic tectonic activity within the earth. Hence, we actually have no controll over this natural activity but we can only take preventive measures just to keep ourself safe from its effect.

In terms of our biodiversity, we cannot do much but at least our(human) activity is not destructive as this may be a much faster means of nature destruction. Let nature alone do its work as in the case of tectonic activity with respect to biodiversity reduction and we must not try to induce any means of destruction so that the reduciton of our biodiversity is kept at a slow phase.