A little boy was sitting at the corner of the small thatched house waiting desperate to see the guest of hounour. He remembered those very words his elder brother told him the day before. "This man was here four years ago. He was the man who promised to buy you pencils, pen and exercise books to help you in school. He promised to build a better classroom so that you would no longer have education under the shade of those abalolo trees. The little boy did not understand his elder brother very well. He never wrote with a pencil before, neither did he use exercise books for the past four years. All he knows was chalk and a slade board. The only place he called classroom is under the abalolo tree which was specifically partitoned for educational purposes. He dreamt of becoming a medical doctor one day.

As they were waiting for the guest of honour to arrive the elders in the village pushed him aside with the other children ordering them to moved to the corner at the back of the building. "The front row seats belongs to the elders and the big men in the village and no kids are allowed. This guest is no ordinary man," they said. "He comes from the Big House so no kids are allowed in front."

While the other children were playing around at the back he sat quietly and pays his respect as the guest of honour enters the building. He remember that his elder brother told him the kind of words this guest of honour usually use during such a time. Attentively, he listen to to the guest as the speech begans.

"Put me on the stage and I will sing for you. I will sing you the song that will bring peace your heart. I will sing you the song that will bring relief your communities, homes and family. I will perform whole heartedly to present and repsent your interest and your interest alone. I will give you the most exciting show of your life. You will no longer have burdens because I will help you carry them. You will no longer have worries because I will take care of them. Just put there and you will never be in need anymore"

The speech continues on for few hours. Then comes the questining time. The vilagers were asking a lot of questions. Some ask what happen to the piggery and poultry project they had applied for three years ago. Some ask why their rehabilitation project still pending. Some ask why is it taking him so long to give them the money he promised them. All sort of big and complicated questions were thrown at the guest who seems to have no where to find thee answers. Fews hours and it seems as if everyone was very upset and just decided not to ask questions.

The MC for that meeting stood up and ask if any body has any last question. The little boy raised his hand and the MC pointed towards him and request him to stand up. The elders of the village try to suppress him but he was allowed to speak by the MC. He stood up, turn to the guest of honour and ask the question he believes means life to him.

I heard you talk too much but why is it taking you so long to buy my pencil and my exercise book, Sir?