This is a serious issue that needs attention, but one thing that is of doubt is Tango's claim that the water rises to 2-3 feet. If I'm right, Rennell Island is an atoll and the water is floating above the sea level. So if the sea level rises, then it will also pushes up the water. So the question is the coastal area of the island also facing the same 2-3 feet rises? If this is so, then nearby islands like Guadalcanal or Makira will also faces the same rise. This issue needs accurate figures because even a foot rise of the water will have a huge impact. I've been to the said lake and the rise of the water will affect much the lives of the people, in terms of water invading settlements and farmlands. To add on, looking at the issue of global warming, it is an international battle. If the Kyoto protocol or other similar international agreements are not adhere to by the industrialize countries who inject high amount of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, then in my view, whatever measures pacific nations do to control the impact of global warming will not be very effective. We are more like paying the price of the greedy rich countries who are not serious to global warming, but to its economy and welfares. Therefore we need to put more pressure on the industrialize countries inorder to save our islands, like the issue of lake Tegano.