I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have recognized and raised issues of great concerns, something to do with the threats fostered by global warming on our World Heritage Site.

Indeed, it's an issue of great interest, concerning global depletions of Biodiversity. I do recognize the issue in one of my major research project concerning "Global Warming, its Effects to the Solomon Islands". In one of the projects' section, I did highlight the possible threats global warming has on Lake Tenggano. In fact, the wonders of the sinking islands in the Lake brought about a lot of questions the whole time while I was compiling the project.

I believe, at first, our mindset about the effects of global warming was all centered on sea level rise and its coastal impacts. Not until we have the clear understanding of what the sea level and its equilibrium state in all underground waters that would portray the clear picture of what is going on and why the Islands in the Lake sank. Our general knowledge can quickly reason the negative impacts of these natural phenomena on our beloved Lake and its vast spread Biodiversity. Of great concerns, I wish people could take another step in looking for possible solutions after taking the vital step in recognizing the problem. Your turn friends.