To the Solomon Times

What does it mean to be truly free? And when do we admit when we are getting lost?

How do we know that we are independent and making our own decisions?

It is our trust in elected officials that they will do what is best for our country. How much longer do we watch on as the Chinese government tries to buy our country and manipulate our leaders?

Does the 45th anniversary of our independence mean nothing? What about our culture and customs, will they be replaced as China has more say on what happens here?

By traveling to China on the anniversary of our independence, all we have worked to build has been undermined. Our government signs agreements that we do not get an opinion on. People are losing trust and there is more and more confusion in our community.

Why should we become so dependent on another country with the risk of losing our own again? We are becoming too comfortable relying on the Chinese government to provide everything to us.

How can the Chinese government have so little respect for all we have worked to build?

They do not care for us and they do not want to improve our country for our benefit. Our sovereignty is what matters to us and it is what makes us strong, it is what connects us as people.

We need to ask these questions now and we need to understand what they mean for our future. We can not change without speaking out even when it is hard. We need to write to government and stand up for what we deserve. It is time to make change and let our voices be heard instead of lost.