Dear Editor:

I noted that your country had opened up an embassy in Beijing following establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

This step follows your own story about direct payment to your own MP's from Beijing.

China probably sees the Solomons as part of what they describe as US encirclement of their country in the South China Seas.

A key element of this take back of the SCS was the now failed arrangement with the Philippines and their threats to take over Taiwan.

Here in Canada we spend a great deal of time effort and money making sure we can retain a trading relationship with Beijing while at the same time anticipating and, where necessary, counter-moving against any border or sovereignty encroachments.

This process is sometimes made rather difficult by the US policies of direct intervention with trade agreements presently in place.

As China's own economy comes under post-covid pressure, some of it triggered by sanctions against the Russian Bear which they seem to hope to both feed and tame, it would be interesting to hear from your esteemed media what if anything you think the west generally and perhaps Canada in particular should or might do to assist the Islands in retaining their own sovereignty in view of the Chinese drive to claim or re-claim control of the seas around you?

Yours Sincerely,

Christopher Wilson