I can relate well to the sentiments shared by Allan Ross in his experience of rural life. I think it is crucial that we teach our children to appreciate our rural life-style and provide them with opportunities to learn survival knowledge and skills that are applicable to our rural settings during their school holidays. Our children need to learn how to build traditional houses, fish, hunt and make food gardens, as these are very important life skills in our rural villages.

More importantly, these are skills that our children will need to acquire if they are to return to live in their rural villages one day. Some of the realities of our rural lifestyle today can be unbearable, especially the fact that our people have to walk long distances to make food gardens, fetch water, collect firewood, seek medical help, take their children to school, catch transport, etc.

On another note, it is sad to know that despite the millions of dollars being allocated to MPs for rural development, the majority of our rural people still live in very poor housing conditions, no access to piped water, very poor sanitation, no access to clinics or schools and unreliable transport and communication systems.