Dear Editor:

I write to you concerning the short routes of public buses in Honiara. On behalf of the public who are also affected by this system, I urge the Honiara City Council as their responsibility to make sure public transport services in Honiara are providing quality services to the people. Yesterday I boarded a bus herding to Lunga (East Honiara) from Central Market. In the bus as we travel, I heard the woman sitting next to me complaining about the bus fare that she had spent $ 12 dollars for just a trip from Central Market to Lunga.

Everyone in town is aware of and recognizes the importance of the public transportation services provided by the buses. But I am very much concerned about the buses that are servicing the main town routes from Central Market to Lunga. I believe and very much assure that the Central Market bus stop is meant for direct trips to White River (going West) and Lunga (if going East). However, the buses often take only short trips. Last week I spent $10 dollars on a bus trip from Central Market to Lunga which is equivalent to student's bus fare from Town council to Ngalibiu (GIPPL 1). The bus I boarded was taking four short trips (from Central Market to SDA, from SDA to Discount, from Discount to Kastom Garden and from Kastom Garden to Lunga). Although the buses may blame fuel price, roads and traffic problems, the intention behind imposing short trips is usually seen as a way of stealing from passengers. This is too much of what an average citizen should spend everyday just for bus fares. I feel like the buses are taking vantage of its importance of providing a need for the public to steal from the public.

The Town Council officers should be monitoring the buses providing transport services in town to make sure they provide services that satisfies the public.

I would like to urge all bus owners and the Town Council to meet and agree on routes buses should take from the Central Market to Lunga. This should be done without the public views in order to provide a fair decision on the matter.