The latest twist of events creates more suspicious than confidence. The allegation of using ex-militants for political gain is an old revelation. Why ex-militants have to be the scape goat of succesive governments and oppositions quest of political power? In addition, why not having audience with the grass roots as well, if this motion was for the grassroots as alleged.

If the Opposition is serious about addressing the ex-militants concern, they should have done it during their the tenure period. Its not about promises anymore, its about addressing the Townvile Peace Agreement (TPA).

While the notion of having the motion as a check and balance excercise as expressed by the Opposition, using unconventional means depicts the credibility and validity of the motion into question, apart from its legal procedural.

The untimely moving of the motion also brings into question the validity of check and balance exercise and the issue of global phenomenon applied in our national context.