Youth Participation.

Our youth in PIC are challenging their governments into including them in policy and decision making on good governance as it affects their lives as well. They no longer wish to be just “seen and not heard”. Their voice matters and the role they play is crucial in strengthening the progress of our PIC.

Our youth today are more equipped with the technological skills and knowledge that are dominating our societies. Therefore, it will not only make sense, but it will be a smart idea to include them in the decision making.

Our youth are our greatest assets, and they are ready to fight with us against the giant issues of the world that we are facing. Indeed, the platform has changed.

Our Youth in the PIC are raising their voices and they wish to be heard and to be taken seriously as it affects them now and their future as well.

It is our Youth who will become our climate change warriors at a global level, they will become our warriors of corrupt local governance, they will be our warriors of global peace and prosperity and most of all they will be our warriors of current and future youth leaders.
May God bless us all.
Tryphosa Keke, Brisbane, Australia