Good day, how are you?

I'm a football researcher and I write for the world record holder website for football statistics called The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation.

I am doing research on soccer practice in Nauru.
I learned that the I-kiribati, Solomons and Tuvaluans went to Nauru in the 1960s/1970s to work in the Phosphate mines.
They took soccer practice with them to Nauru.
This lasted until the mid-2000s, but precisely in 2003.

For I would like to know any member of the group or do you know someone who went to Nauru to work in the phosphate mines during 1960 until 2003 and participated in these soccer activities that were carried out in Nauru?

Please I really need some help, information, newspaper entry, photo, video, trophy, medal, champion belt, mention in book and etc.

Because Nauru is the only country in the world that claims to have practiced this sport but there is no record to prove it.

Thank you very much

Carlos Santos