I read with a broken heart that article of yours which unvailed something about how we the rural dwellers are surviving at such a time like this where every thing seem to be heading nowhere.

Poor communication, inflation are but a few to name of all the issues that people have used to paint us with that so-called "Hard Life" name. And I guess you people are right.

But, there is one thing which you people can't take from us. That is our happy life.
Life can be a hurdle but you'll always find us wearing a smile. Our norms and beliefs are still close to our hearts and we can still find peace and joy no matter where we are.

God is our source of strength and with Him life is even more meaningful.
We find comfort working in our gardens because we know that God can turn the mere potatoe vines into fruits. The nature around us has been our source of happiness.

Each day we wake up to the sweet songs of birds telling us that the day is going to be another bright and merry one. We know where we can fit in to what ever and that is life to us.

Our children continue to enjoy the enomous beauty around them giving joy to the hearts of their parents. Life sometimes wipe up bitterly, but we always come to the point that it is much better with all that God has placed around us.

So what else can we ask, God has given us enough to enjoy today because tomorrow is His business.

My home is my identity and I'm loving it here!!