Political polarization is the perpetrator of innumerable human casualties; however, the most profound victim of democratic division is the sacred gift of common sense. Our fascist foes feed upon factionalization as they launch world war three. President Zelenskyy correctly warns us that when the Chinese Communist Party inevitably supplies Vladimir Putin with weapons, and they have and will continue to in exchange for fuel and food, we will see a catastrophe unfold if we fail to stand alongside the Ukrainian nation. In spite of the polar extremes in Western leadership, the good peoples of the world remain in resolute support of Ukrainian freedom fighters as they are the true bulwark against the uncontrolled blaze of global symmetric conflict.

The Ukrainian battalions are the brave barriers that insulate us from the ravages of 21st century ubiquitous bloodshed. Not only do they serve as our unwavering hope, but they are a reminder of what will befall Chairman Xi when he tiptoes into Taiwan: destruction and defeat.

As the world celebrates the valiant sacrifices of the Ukrainian people, and the United States and Solomon Islands marks the one-year anniversary of Xi and Putin's long march to universal domination, we must be wary of our own senseless notions. The West's defenders are not the catalyst of this war, but the mere protectors of our free way of life.

While dissent is encouraged during times of peace and plunder, we must exhibit caution to preclude ourselves from losing those rare rights and playing into the enemy's propaganda. I say we must arm Ukraine until they bristle as it is an investment in our children and children's children that cannot be valued in American or Solomon Islands dollars. The freedom of expression is a power like none other, but we must use it to advance the very liberties that allow us to exercise it.