I was in town today and I saw the design of Solomon Islands map on a lava lava and I disappoint that all the outer islands are not inside. Tikopia, Rennell Bellona, Lord Howe are extinguish from the map.

Shame on the designer of the lava lava. But wait, when I look at other places some t-shirt do not even have the outer islands. What is going on? Ufala less lo mifala? Ufala talk stret! Your Polynesian wantoks exterminated from some maps. How come?

If Tasmania is missing from Australia map people will make noise, when outer islands missing from maps of t-shirts and lava lava with big writing Solomon Islands no one make noise! Shame on you the designers.

Some may take this lightly and laugh but I am hurt and me sure my brothers and sisters of the outer islands will also feel hurt.

As part of Nation building and unity I call on authorities to ban the sale of such merchandise, because it is discrimination and I think it is intentional.