It is sad indeed to learn that we are now beginning to have homeless people in our country due to domestic violence and rejection. Domestic violence is a crime and women should be made aware that they can open a case against their husbands if they are abused in any way. It is a pity that the woman referred to in the news cannot find anywhere to go to and had to raise her daughter in such appalling conditions for two years. No mother and child deserve to undergo such experiences. I cannot bear to think of the fact that no one seem to take responsibility of this woman's problem. How can this woman's relatives or those on her husband's side just allow her to live and raise her daughter in such conditions for two years? What has happened to the caring and sharing attitude that we boast about in our society? I suggest that someone need to assist this woman to seek support from her church, the social welfare division, or women's crisis centre at Tenaru, so that she can undergo some counselling that will help her decide on how she could best deal with her husband before she could find a way to go back to her people and home.