Wantoks, no one denies the need and importance of wheel chairs for our sick and disabled people. I think we all agree that such gifts must be appreciated and I for one would like to join you all in thanking ROC for their generosity.

Certainly, we can use other analogies to portray our country's dependency on aid funding, but Sina chose to use the 'wheel chair' to illustrate the issue. I appreciate the fact that each individual may have different perspectives about the issue of aid dependency in our country. However, despite the various views we may hold about this issue, the fact remains that our country will have to deal with it sooner or later. There will come a time when aid donors to our country will cease their support and we as a country will have to find ways and means to sustain ourselves economically.

I couldn't agree more with Jim that some of us are now doing studies overseas due to this "wheel chair syndrome" and I count myself lucky to be offered an International Scholarship because my government cannot afford to offer me one. Frankly speaking, I think I would stand proud and appreciate this opportunity more if the funding for my scholarship comes directly from my government, which I have paid tax to for the last 23 years.

Wantoks, the question still remains as to how long will Solomon Islands continue to enjoy the privilege of aid funding, including overseas scholarships? Will our children and grand children still have the same privileges in 10 to 20 years time?